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7 REASONS WHY - 7 good reasons for you to exhibit at the EXPO of #mtm20!

1| Reach top target groups
Meet the management levels from media, communication and politics and use the presence of a top-class conference audience - with 48% decision-makers*.
2 | Expand your network
Benefit from the interdisciplinary, cross-media and cross-industry approach of #mtm20 and expand your network into new, attractive target groups.
3 | Win new customers
Approx. one quarter of the conference audience are first-time visitors - use the #mtm20 to convince new customers.
4 | Re-position your brand
Use Europe's leading media and innovation congress to present new brands and products or for your German launch.
5 | Show permanent presence
Our conference visitors attend the MEDIENTAGE* on average on 2.3 days - so it's worth showing your presence here!
6 | Present yourself as a driving force for the industry
MEDIENTAGE is a showroom and networking platform for founders and established companies - show your innovations and get to know top start-ups and their solutions.
7 | Find new employees
Take advantage of the presence of media professionals from all qualification levels - from trainees to CEOs - and present yourself as a top employer in media and communication!
* Results of a participant survey of MEDIENTAGE 2019




How much does a booth space at MEDIENTAGE 2020 cost and how are the costs composed?

The space rent per square metre is EUR 305 plus VAT on the ground floor and the mezzanine floor (Expo Area), and EUR 405 plus VAT on the first floor (gallery – Conference & Networking Area); all options are without booth equipment – regardless of the booth type (i.e. whether row, corner, head or a free standing booth space) and the situation within the venue. Depending on your individual requirements, there are additional costs for electricity (from approx. EUR 180 plus VAT), web access (from EUR 350 plus VAT), booth construction (walls), flooring, furniture, branding and services such as cleaning, guards, forwarding services, etc.

Can I choose my booth as an exhibitor?

You will find a floor map in the application forms for exhibitors, which we will send you on request. Here you can select your desired position, which we will take into account as far as possible. Or: Tell us the booth size you require and also, if applicable, some information on the topics/products you would like to present, at the Expo – we will then send you a placement proposal!

How large are the booths at MEDIENTAGE Expo and what is the minimum booth space?

The booth spaces vary from very small booths of 6 sqm (= minimum booth space) to approx. 80 sqm. Most booths are between 15 and 30 sqm in size.

What services for exhibitors are included in the space rent (e.g. communication, tickets)?

Exhibitors are included into the MEDIENTAGE 2020 communication (website, on-site program booklet, event app, floor maps as well as, by individual arrangement, social media and event newsletters). Exhibitors will not receive free conference tickets, but can purchase discounted conference tickets for a "partner" price (= 15 % discount on the normal ticket prices).

Are there joint booths at MEDIENTAGE and can booth partners also be registered?

Yes, that's possible! You can register partner companies or other brands of you company which you would like present on your booth as "co-exhibitors". The co-exhibitor fee is EUR 550,- plus VAT per co-exhibitor. The co-exhibitors will also be integrated into the MEDIENTAGE 2020 communication,  without distinction to the main exhibitors.

How is web access for exhibitors organised at MEDIENTAGE Expo?

Although there is a general free WiFi for MEDIENTAGE visitors available in the whole location ICM, it is not suitable for booth presentations, especially not for applications that require a higher bandwidth! Since potentially up to 2,000 visitors can access this WiFi at the same time, failures can occur. If exhibitors need web access / WiFi for presentations at their booth, they have to order their own access. Further information and order information for web access / WiFi at the exhibition booths will be available from June 2020 on the subpage "Exhibitor Service" on our website.

What are the set-up and dismantling times and what else needs to be observed?

The set-up and dismantling times can be found from June 2020 on the subpage "Exhibitor Service" on our website. Due to the high density of events at the ICM, these times are quite short – i.e. there are just under two set-up days and half a dismantling day. There are no construction passes – you and your service providers can enter the ICM for set-up and dismantling without registering in advance. 

Where and how do I order my booth equipment?

From June 2020, you will find a subpage ("Exhibitor Service") on our website with all information and order forms for your booth equipment (i.e. power and web access and signals, booth construction, carpet, furniture, services such as cleaning, etc.). There you will also find information on directions and deliveries, on the ICM location and many other useful links.

How is booth construction organised – can I bring my own booth builder?

Yes, it is possible to bring your own booth builder! However, if you wish, you can order your booth construction from our service provider nine2one – this is very easy and convenient, with their "Online Stand Configurator", where you can choose and book your booth menu-like. You can find the configurator and contact details for nine2one at https://mt.nine2one.de

And what about booth caterer?

Here you are also free to choose your service provider – i.e. you can bring your own caterer or hire service providers from Messe München. From June 2020, you will find contact details on the "Exhibitor Service" subpage of our website. Please note, however, the requirements regarding booth catering at the ICM!

What requirements must be observed regarding booth catering at the ICM?

For reasons of hygiene and safety, exhibitors are obliged to register the delivery of food and beverages and the operation of beverage dispensing systems at their booths. To register, please use Messe München's "Catering Registration Form" – available from June 2020 on the "Exhibitors" subpage.

How does stand security in the ICM work?
Due to the size of the event site and the large number of people staying there, the organizer cannot guarantee security and access control. Each exhibitor is therefore responsible for guarding his own stand and exhibits. Such guards can only be booked with the security company approved by Messe München. Exhibitors are expressly informed that increased risks to their exhibits may occur during the set-up and dismantling periods. Valuable, easily movable exhibits should always be locked up at night. Information on ordering stand security will be available from June 2020 on the subpage "Exhibitor Service" on our website.

Hans Häusler

Expo & Sponsorship